The FOX MK219 MOD comes home

6 Months ago a friend I’ve never met by the name of Brian Fox did me a solid. He took my worn but working Oktava MK219 and put some of his brand of magic in it. The mike returned distinct and original. Brian lives in Canada but seems to travel allot on business. Fox audio has suspended operations for a while because of the great strain his particular brand of magic takes on ones life outside of music. So between him being unavailable and not doing this sort of thing anymore i count myself extremely lucky to be holding this mic in my hands. Brian replaced the input and output caps and the polarization and power decoupling caps.This cleaned up the sound but he says the capsule still sounded “strange” (this was lifted from the PDF report he sends back with the mic). He modified the mic to accept the RK12 capsule and this created a smoother sound. The RK12 capsule also seems to exhibit something he calls “RIP”, which is the way it picks up the sound a voice on the “R” sound. It adds intimacy to the sound of announcers and some singers. The mic also seem to have some RF pickup problems after the mod so he had too clean some of the shell surfaces and added an extra ground wire to improve RF shielding. Finally he added a small 100pF EQ cap to the FET output to just warm up the sound a little.

Now when things like this come into my hands i have to get one person inparticulars openion. I took it over to my good friend, recording mentor, and producer Chris Cortez. Chris is a great guy to have on your team. Yah the same Chris Cortez thats on KCSM playing your favorite jazz all the time. And if your a reggae fan, yes he’s the same Chris Cortez from the band Native Elements. Guys Got Ears. Well we agree. The mic is pretty sic. He actually thought the renowned Michael Joly had done the mods. I’m sure you’ll be hearing this on a few upcoming albums. Heres the spec sheet for you audiophiles who want to see what was done and the effects.

MK219 C Brown Spec Sheet

You can find out more about Brian Fox and Fox Audio Research by clicking here. It looks like after a long vacation Brian is back at it and now making high quality tube mic cables in addition to great mics.

Look for some audio shoot out samples to hit our media page soon. If you were wondering Brian also made the fox 47Blue that is used in the shootout with a Lawson47.

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