The Clifford Brown 3 plays the new SF Bayview Library

From The Clifford Brown 3’s weekend show at the Bayview Branch of the San Francisco Public Library:




alt20131207_142530The Clifford Brown 3’s latest show took place this past Saturday at the San Francisco Public Library’s Bayview Branch. The branch occupies a cheerful, newly-remodeled sunny spot on 3rd Street at Revere in the Bayview, and the Clifford Brown 3 was proud to offer its inaugural music event. The crowd provided a warm welcome, and we hope to be able to come back again soon.

We were able to capture almost the entire show with our mobile recording rig – give the sample a listen! We used a total of four mics: one on the trumpet, one on the kick drum, one overhead above the drum kit, and the organ input. The sound turned out to be just about perfect; we hope you’ll agree.


The library is a really cool spot. There is a lot of natural lighting, including a central atrium planted with two beautiful trees (perhaps Japanese Maples?), and it seems like people really use the space. There are public computer terminals, most of which were occupied by elementary and middle school aged kids on this Saturday afternoon, and a book/DVD/CD collection that is focused on high interest items for both children and adults and includes a special African-American collection. The librarians were wonderful: kind, helpful, enthusiastic. This library is clearly a great community resource.


Upcoming event:

Our next show takes place on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at The JazzSchool in Berkeley, CA where the trio will delight your senses with its original sounds. We are excited to perform at such an important jazz institution here in the East Bay. The show starts at 8pm, tickets are $15 (available here), and we can’t wait to share this special evening with you.



  1. I’m diggin’ “Delilah.” Your music has a “60’s” vibe…almost “Beatnik” like.

    The beginning of “Sandu” reminds me of a speakeasy …sultry and smoky. Then it transitions to the “Beatnik” thing. The horn is smooth as syrup.

    Great sounding trio.


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