Super Glam Remix

careynokeyCheck out our newest remix, of Cary Nokey’s “Super Glam,” featuring Ela Polak on violin. Energetic, mysterious, fun: Concourse in Atmosphere brings it all to this high-energy treat for the senses. Casey Cameron – Rhodes piano; Steven Husted – bass; Clifford Brown III – trumpet, editing, production, video filming/editing/production.




Super Glam Video

Super Glam Remix



For our remix series, we love being able to feature one of our awesome musician friends on each project. Luckily for us, professional violinist Ela Polak moved to the Bay Area a few months ago, and we finally got to tap her skills for a mad ride through this remix.

This production was made using our typical process: stems for a proposed remix project on Indaba Music are downloaded and Clifford generates a midi skeleton for the track. Next, we bring in the featured musician to record the body of the track and to show off their skills.

Once the track has been formed, we begin replacing the midi parts with live-recorded parts provided by the Concourse in Atmosphere collective. As with all featured remix artists, Ela guides the creative direction of this track. The video of Ela playing was filmed during recording, and it’s amazing to see her skill and intensity.

The vocals were the only stem provided by Cary NoKey for contest purposes, so there was no music to suggest a direction. Strangely, the contest requested a song that stayed true to the original, but none was posted. We realized that we couldn’t find an original anywhere on the internet and that we couldn’t even find out who and/or what Cary NoKey actually is. After some serious googling and FB stalking, it appears that Cary NoKey is a EDM/80’s collaboration project by two musicians named 8-Bit and ValNtino based out of NJ/NY.

We thought that the name was perhaps a play on the word “karaoke,” but the capitalized K suggests “carry no key.” Does it mean to carry no key musically? Is it a homelessness reference? You be the judge! There is a YouTube channel here and a remarkably information-free-but-stylish website here. Interesting aesthetic, and we’re proud of the sound we’ve produced with this somewhat unexpected combination.

The video was filmed in West Oakland and Emeryville, around our usual haunts. All shots were filmed as-is, no staging of props (such as the massive pile of spent butane cans – enough to account for the production of about a half-pound of butane honey oil (hash), estimated value of about $10,000 – or the fertilizer dump from a large-scale marijuana grow operation); all scenes were found on one day driving around the neighborhood. All musicians were filmed during the recording of this song. We really hope you enjoy the song, the video, and the semi-evil twinkle in Ela’s eye as she tears it up!

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