Tools in your toolbox

Embracing the tools in your toolbox can open worlds to your workflow. While launch times can very from program to program realy digging into and getting to know a more diverse selection of software/hardware tools can give you increased production in what would otherwise be a forced break. If your on PC my quick list for audio workflows would be…



Sound Forge


VLC (dig in to the encode properties)

Microsoft Expression Encoder

Izotope RX2

With these tools I can get audio ready for broadcast or post at the clients demand. Different strengths and weaknesses in each brands product line takes me from Live to disk or broadcast to  full production, foley and post production. I hear allot of folks these days picking sides in the brand wars and the truth of the mater is I need them all in order to most effectively use my time. Comping a track in pro tools has become a delight when it used to be pure tedium. Sound Forges re-callable FX Chains perform amazingly and work with the Derrough and Izotope metering plug-ins. Mastering is now a real treat for the ears. Tying one arm behind your back will cost you time and i imagine make life a little more miserable than it has to be. Take the time to learn a new software for an hour a week. You will thank yourself in a year.


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