Wanting “Drenched (Remix)”

Vancouver-singersongwriter-Wanting-Qu_-Photo-by-Siliang-Ma-I decided I was going to take on this remix with about 3 hours left until the deadline. My Daughter broke her wrist two weeks ago and her recovery has kept me even busier than normal. With her back in school i found a little time for deconstruction.

I started in my normal fashion of breaking the song down to basics. Bass, Drums, Vocals. I decided rather quickly that i didn’t like the drums. I tried replacing them with a few different beats but was never happy with how the melody was sitting with the rhythm. With so little time to complete the project I made the decision to get rid of the drums completely. I spent about an hour EQing the vocal and trying to get rid of some of the verb and FX that were provided on the vocal stem. I was left with a gorgeous however over compressed piano and bass. The bass sounded pretty good. a little eq and expansion gave it some life. I hit the piano with an ex-pander at a fairly steep ratio the result is allot of rhythmic petal and hammer damper sounds providing a little more intimate setting. I’m still not happy with the re-verb on the finished mix. I think it obscures the trumpet a little. I hope you enjoy



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