The Clifford Brown 3 plays the new SF Bayview Library

From The Clifford Brown 3’s weekend show at the Bayview Branch of the San Francisco Public Library:       The Clifford Brown 3’s latest show took place this past Saturday at the San Francisco Public Library’s Bayview Branch. The branch occupies a cheerful, newly-remodeled sunny spot on 3rd Street at Revere in the Bayview, […]

Celine Dion “Loved Me Back To Life” REMIX

I don’t think anyone can successfully argue that Reggae is not love made into music, which means that a Celine Dion love song naturally lends itself to a heartfelt reggae remix. We therefore present our latest remix project, “Loved Me Back to Life,” from Celine Dion’s 2013 album of the same name. Featuring Chris Cortez […]

Super Glam Remix

Check out our newest remix, of Cary Nokey’s “Super Glam,” featuring Ela Polak on violin. Energetic, mysterious, fun: Concourse in Atmosphere brings it all to this high-energy treat for the senses. Casey Cameron – Rhodes piano; Steven Husted – bass; Clifford Brown III – trumpet, editing, production, video filming/editing/production.       Super Glam Video […]

Jim James (My Morning Jacket) Remix “State of The Art”

This all started with Eric Poline. This was his pick. Sometimes I see a remix competition or just hear a tune and go “yeah this is the one.” Well it wasn’t me this time. The downloaded stems were from some sort of live performance. I’m not really sure if they were perhaps mixed with studio […]

“Revolution Cafe” by Concourse In Atmosphere

Together with musicians living across the globe, Clifford Brown III explores the art and the science of live collaboration in an avant-garde fusion of jazz and world music. Revolution Cafe was built, layer upon layer, as each musician was free to choose what and where to play, with no instruction or direction. The final product […]