Festive Christmas Carols and Remixes + January 11 at The JazzSchool

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It’s been a busy week at Brown Audio! In preparation for the holidays, we recorded a few Christmas carols with one of our favorite Bay Area couples, Steven Husted and Ela Polak, as a gift for Shannon, pictured above with a close lobster friend and his giant ice cream cone. Photo credit to […]

Celine Dion “Loved Me Back To Life” REMIX

I don’t think anyone can successfully argue that Reggae is not love made into music, which means that a Celine Dion love song naturally lends itself to a heartfelt reggae remix. We therefore present our latest remix project, “Loved Me Back to Life,” from Celine Dion’s 2013 album of the same name. Featuring Chris Cortez […]

Super Glam Remix

Check out our newest remix, of Cary Nokey’s “Super Glam,” featuring Ela Polak on violin. Energetic, mysterious, fun: Concourse in Atmosphere brings it all to this high-energy treat for the senses. Casey Cameron – Rhodes piano; Steven Husted – bass; Clifford Brown III – trumpet, editing, production, video filming/editing/production.       Super Glam Video […]

Jim James (My Morning Jacket) Remix “State of The Art”

This all started with Eric Poline. This was his pick. Sometimes I see a remix competition or just hear a tune and go “yeah this is the one.” Well it wasn’t me this time. The downloaded stems were from some sort of live performance. I’m not really sure if they were perhaps mixed with studio […]

Tristan Prettyman “My Oh My (Remix)”

I decided to do this remix a little later than most. I thought i could turn it into a neat UK Garage/ Two Step Garage diddy. That didn’t work out but with a little help from Steve Husted (http://www.stevenhusted.com/) on bass we were able to flip this beautiful Nancy Cinatra-esk alt pop tune into something a little […]

Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Re-mix

The task “Remix Christina’s single “Your Body” from her new album, Lotus, to win $5,000.” Hers my submission and hit vote if you want to cheer me on.

Barry Manilow – “Everything’s Gonna Be All Right” Roots Remix

Heres the latest I’m still looking for some subjects to make a video to go with it.   This was a really fun concept to work with. I first learned about this competition when I saw Mantis Evars’ (the founder of Indaba) Facebook post about working with Barry Manilow. I am currently working on a full length […]

Remix | Brian Culbertons’ Still Here

This one was pretty fun to make. Got together with my partner Casey and we laid down so quick funk. Brian asked for two specific styles one deep house one prog house. Would appreciate your votes. It’s been a minute since i really dug into some great house. Went back in the old memory banks. Pulled out […]

Matisyahu REMIX