Tools to get you threw your ProTools Day

ProTools has a bug of late that makes some files unreadable (also makes them hard to copy to another drive for use on a windows machine). So heres a nice mac app that will fix them for you so you can continue to be a productive member of the audio community. Credit for this one […]

Alternative Income Streams in the new Sharing Economy

Last week I was invited to and attended a mixer of sorts staged at the beautiful Glint Accelerator Mansion. In this gorgeous setting, the theme was simple. Share. We shared ideas, food, and a lot of drinks in addition to catching a glimpse of the documentary “One Couch At A Time”. We were also asked […]

Managing Multiple Twitter addresses?

If your like us the demise of the free web based twitter console Cotweet has thrown a wrench in your works. Other options seem way too expensive for a small business. But alas your not alone. Many are on the hunt for a replacement. Here’s a great blog post from Matt Jukes: digital strategy & […]

Tools in your toolbox

Embracing┬áthe tools in your toolbox can open worlds to your workflow. While launch times can very from program to program realy digging into and getting to know a more diverse selection of software/hardware tools can give you increased production in what would otherwise be a forced break. If your on PC my quick list for […]