Wanting “Drenched (Remix)”

I decided I was going to take on this remix with about 3 hours left until the deadline. My Daughter broke her wrist two weeks ago and her recovery has kept me even busier than normal. With her back in school i found a little time for deconstruction. I started in my normal fashion of breaking the […]

A couple of pictures from AES!

House Concerts for Charity?

FINCH FILES (House Concerts) (Click to listen) Yesterday there was a story running on KGO810AM all day.A “Finch File”. The story was about how great and idea it is to put on a house concert for charity. and how easy it is compared to throwing other forms of charity/benefits it is and basically how no one […]

*New* Remix “Warrior” Kimbra (ft. Converse Allstarts)

Ivy – Lost In The Sun Remix


Sorry guys my host is having a bit of a tantrum. I’ll have things back to normal soon as possible.

Kris Allen Remix #FreeMusicFriday

This weeks #FreeMusicFriday is going to be the last one for a few weeks while i work on our final and most exciting free music Friday remix. In about a month I’m getting together my dream band and were going to remake Ushers “Climax”. This is already a pretty cool tune so i can’t wait to tear it apart […]

Nesta Rea Remix

-UPDATE 4/17/2012- One of the users on IndabaMusic suggested I master this song. However, I have committed the available resources to this song that I am willing to commit. If you would like to DownLoad a High Quality .Wav of this song, you may master it, or have it mastered and do what you want with it as long as […]

“14th & Webster” an OccupyOakland Documentary

Here’s a quick little video we made about Occupy Oakland the day after my band was tear gassed by police during our performance. I shot all the video on a small Samsung FullHD video camera. Over the weekend after shooting the footage I spent about a day letting the video ingest into Avid Media Composer, […]

BASS endorses Fox Audio Research Microphone Modifications

Recently in an effor to find way of cutting our clients cost BASS has been testing some high quality audio equipment made in house. As we don’t order large quantities of electronics parts some items are just hard for us to source at a reasonable price. Recently we built and started using the Aurycle A5500 […]