House Concerts for Charity?

FINCH FILES (House Concerts) (Click to listen) Yesterday there was a story running on KGO810AM all day.A “Finch File”. The story was about how great and idea it is to put on a house concert for charity. and how easy it is compared to throwing other forms of charity/benefits it is and basically how no one […]

*New* Remix “Warrior” Kimbra (ft. Converse Allstarts)

The Chant

This is the first in a minimal series featuring chants juxtapose drones and atmospheres. Relax, Do you!

Ivy – Lost In The Sun Remix

Barry Manilow – “Everything’s Gonna Be All Right” Roots Remix

Heres the latest I’m still looking for some subjects to make a video to go with it.   This was a really fun concept to work with. I first learned about this competition when I saw Mantis Evars’ (the founder of Indaba) Facebook post about working with Barry Manilow. I am currently working on a full length […]

Remix | Brian Culbertons’ Still Here

This one was pretty fun to make. Got together with my partner Casey and we laid down so quick funk. Brian asked for two specific styles one deep house one prog house. Would appreciate your votes. It’s been a minute since i really dug into some great house. Went back in the old memory banks. Pulled out […]

Matisyahu REMIX

Leave The Lights On REMIX & VIDEO


Tools to get you threw your ProTools Day

ProTools has a bug of late that makes some files unreadable (also makes them hard to copy to another drive for use on a windows machine). So heres a nice mac app that will fix them for you so you can continue to be a productive member of the audio community. Credit for this one […]

Great News!

We have just been informed that we are ranked #1 among aduio editors in Oakland by Audio Editors, Oakland, CA